Download ARC
ARC is an open source program written in C language. The source code can be downloaded free.
Source Code :ARC.tgz
Installation Instructions

The distributed software is a tar-gzipped file. It should be first unzipped and untarred by the command 'tar xvzf ARC.tgz' This will produce the following 7 items in the current directory.
  • Linux-executable(32bit) version of ARC (ARC)
  • Source code of ARC (ARC.c)
  • Keyword Library folder containing all the 26 ascii files (Library)
  • Gene Symbol Synonym folder containing all the 26 ascii files (Synonym)
  • Readme file having information about how to run the program and edit the keyword library files
  • Sample input file from NCBI (NC_000964.faa containing full proteome of Bacillus subtilis)
  • Sample output file generated by ARC (Bacil.csv)
The source code can be compiled by the following command
cc -o ARC ARC.c (Unix)
gcc -o ARC ARC.c (Linux)

The program can be executed by the command ./ARC (dot slash ARC -both for UNIX and LINUX)